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PJM supplies a full line of lighting control gear trays. Avaliable in Standard sizes PJM can also custom make gear trays to any specification requirement click here for a pdf data specification sheet
NB.  Timer ignitors,  long distance ignitors and standby changeover switches are available on request
PART NO. Watts Line
Start current


Start current
Ignitor Capacitor Lamps
PMH175C240C/GT (MH175CW) 175 240 0.51A 0.89A 130V 1.73A 1.50A   12uF/440V GE Osram Philips Sylania Venture
PMH250C240C/GT 250 240 0.70A 1.25A 130V 2.40A 2.13A IGH201 15uF/525V
PMH250C415C/GT 250 415 0.42A 0.71A 130V 2.40A 2.13A IGH201 15uF/525V
PMH400C240C/GT 400 240 1.18A 2.01A 135V 3.75V 3.25A IGH201 28uF/525V
PMH400C415C/GT 400 415 0.68A 1.16A 135V 3.75A 3.25A IGH201 28uF/525V
PMH1000C240C/GT 1000 240 3.10A 4.60A 263V 5.83A 4.20A   28uF/525V
PMH1000C415C/GT 1000 415 1.80A 2.66A 263V 5.83A 4.20A   28uF/525V
PMH1500C240C/GT 1500 240 4.40A 6.90A 265V 8.90A 6.30A   43uF/525V
PMH1500C415C/GT 1500 415 2.50A 3.98A 265V 8.90A 6.30A   43uF/525V
PHS250C240C/GT 250 240 0.65A 1.31 100V 4.05A 3.00A IGH301 35uF/330V GE Osram Philips Sylvania Venture
PHS400C240C/GT 400 240 1.10A 2.04A 100V 5.60A 4.60A IGH401 48uF/330V
PHS400C415C/GT 400 415 0.65A 1.18A 100V 5.60A 4.60A IGH401 48uF/330V
PHS1000C240C/GT 1000 240 3.00 4.60A 250V 6.80A 4.70A IGH301 28uF/525V
PHS1000C415C/GT 1000 415 1.70A 2.65A 250V 6.80A 4.70A IGH301 28uF/525V
PMV175R240T-GT 175 240 1.73A 0.9A 130V 2.5A 1.50A   14uF/250V Eye  GE  Sylvania  Venture
PMV250R240-GT 250 240 2.50A 1.45A 130V 3.65A 2.13A   15uF/250V Eye  GE  Philips  Sylvania  Venture  Toshiba
PMV400R240T-GT 400 240 3.80A 2.12A 135V 5.50A 3.25A   20Uf/250V GE  Eye  Philips  Thorn  Sylvania
PMV1000R240-GT 1000 240 8.00A 5.33A 135V 11.5A 7.5A   45uF/250V GE  Eye  Philips  Osram  Thorn  Sylvania
PMV1000R415-GT 415 3.88A 2.71A 263V 5.82 4.20A   15uF/440V GE  Venture  Philips  Sylvania
PMH150R240T-GT 150 240 1.15A 0.88A 95V 2.30A 1.80A IGH104 15uF/250V Osram Philips Thorn Wotan Venture  GE
PMH175R240T-GT 175 240 1.73A 0.9A 130V 2.50A 1.50A IGH104 14uF/250V GE  Sylvanis Venture
PMH250R240T-GT 250 240 1.80A 1.35A 100V 3.80A 3.00A IGH104 25uF/250V Eye  GE  Osram  Philips  Tungsram  Wotan
PMH400R240T-GT 400 240 2.80A 2.14A 120V 5.80A 3.50A IGH104 25uF/250V Philips  Wotan  Osram  Tungsram
PMH1000R240/8A-GT 1000 240 7.95A 5.33A 135V 11.5A 8.00A IGH202 45uF/250V GE  Venture  Philips  Sylvania
PMH1000RT240/9.5A-GT 1000 240 6.65A 5.21A 120V 13.8A 9.50A IGH104 80uF/250V Osram  Wotan  Tungsram
PMH1000R415-GT 1000 415 3.88A 2.71A 263V 5.82A 4.20A IGH202 15uF/440V GE  Venture  Philips  Sylvania
PMH1500R415-GT 1500 415 5.72A 4.00A 263V 8.91A 6.30A IGH202 28uF/440V GE  Thorn  Venture  Sylvania
PMH2000R415-GT 2000 415 14.6A 10.3A 135V 23.6A 16.5A IGH201 65uF/250V Philips  Tungsram
PMH2000RH415/8.8A-GT 2000 415 8.16A 5.72A 240V 12.1A 8.80A NO IGH 35uF/440V Eye  Osram Wotan 
PMH2000R415/10.3A-GT 2000 415 8.21A 5.78A 230V 14.2A 10.3A IGH202 35uF/440V Osram  Wotan  Tungsram
PMH2000R415/10.3A-GT 2000 415 8.21A 5.78A 230V 14.2A 10.3A   35uf/440v Osram  Wotan  Tungsram
PHS150R240T-GT 150 240 1.10A 0.89A 100V 2.20A 1.80A IGH104 15uF/250V GE  Osram  Philips  Venture 
PHS250R240T-GT 250 240 1.80A 1.35A 100V 3.80A 3.00A IGH104 25uF/250V GE  Osram Philips Venture
PHS400R240T-GT 400 240 2.80A 2.14A 105V 5.85A 4.60A IGH104 40uF/250V GE  Osram  Philips  Venture
PHS1000R240T-GT 1000 240 6.21A 4.67A 105V 13.6A 10.6A IGH104 90uF/250V Eye  GE  Osram  Philips  Tungsram
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