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Single Phase isolation transformer open 20-6000VA DIN Rail Transformers 30-60VA
Single Phase isolation tx 415V /12-24-120-240 open Motor starting autotransformers
Single Phase Isolation tx 240V-240V enclosed Constant voltage transformers
SIngle Phase Isolation Tx 240V-12/24/32/110 25-1000VA Neon sign Transformers
Input 240V Benchtop Tx for (For USA /110V) 24&32V Toroidal Transformers 50-300VA
Input 240V Garden lighting tx IP67 up to 400VA (in/out leads) Electronic transformers
input 240v Garden lighting tx IP66 up to 300VA (hard wired) LED Drivers
Input 240v low voltage lighting tx 500VA+ IP65 (cast aluminium) PL Low Profile Transformers
Single Phase low volt lighting indoor enclosed Plug Packs
Single Phase Variable transformer  
Three Phase Variable transformer  
Three phase autotransformer  
Three Phase Enclosed Isolation Transformer  
Three phase Outdoor Enclosed  
Lighting control gear
Metal Halide (MH) constant wattage control gear Capacitors for constant wattage gear
Metal Halide (MH) reactor Control Gear Capacitors for power factor correction (PFC)
High Pressure Sodium (HPS) constant wattage control gear Weatherproof lighting Control Boxes
High Pressure Sodium (HPS) reactor control gear Gear Trays
Mercury Vapour (MV) reactor control gear Indoor Control Boxes
DC power supplies
Switch mode Power Supply single output Lab Power Supplies
Switch mode Power Supply DIN rail LED Drivers
Linear regulated Inline Desktop Power Supplies
Rectified and filtered DC transformer  
Battery backed up power supply  
DC battery chargers
Battery Chargers Mascot PJM Custom Battery Chargers
PJM Battery Chargers  
DC to DC converters
DC to DC Step Up DC to DC Control
DC to DC Step Down  
Power Inverters
Sine Wave Inverters  
Modified Sine Wave inverters  
Fluro Lighting Inverters  
Line conditioners and UPS
Line Conditioners UPS Cabinet line interactive (low cost)
UPS Rack mount UPS Cabinet line interactive
  UPS cabinet online double conversion
Enclosures and Housings
Cast Aluminium boxes & weather proof enclosures PM Enclosures
Stainless Steel Wall Mount Enclosures (IP65) Powder Coated Wall mount enclosures
Powder Coated Wall mount enclosures (IP65)  
Motor Start Capacitors Metal Can Capacitors
Motor Run Capacitors 400V @10000hrs Lighting PFC capacitors
Motor Run Capacitors 450V @10000hrs  
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