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  • Features
  • Isolation transformers meet the requirements of AS3108
  • Input and output fusing
  • High capacity bridge rectifier.
  • Powder coated mild steel or Aluminum housing.
  • Output aluminium heat sink.
  • 16 mm entries in and out.
  • Custom voltages and output current available on request
RECTIFIED AND FILTERED DC POWER SUPPLY In situations where there is a need for a robust and reliable DC Power but the requirement is not critical with regard to full voltage regulation, and where some AC ripple on the supply does not effect the operation of equipment, a rectified and filtered DC power supply is a good low cost reliable option. The design of the rectified and filtered power supply determines that the output voltage is close to the specified voltage at the full load current. Under these conditions ripple is typically 3% to 5% of output voltage. Where there is little or no current flowing in the load, the filter capacitors will charge to their peak value resulting in a no load voltage close to 1.4 times the rated voltage. One major advantage of rectified and filtered DC power supply is its ability to quickly respond to short term overload without damage to the supply. The units are robust and the component count is low allowing the units to operate on the harshest of environments Fully enclosed powder-coated metal case, internal terminal block for hard wiring, external anodised heatsink
Part no volts   Amps
PSF12VDC/3A 240V 12VDC 3A
PSF12VDC5A 240V 12VDC 5A
PSF12VDC10A 240V 12VDC 10A
PSF12VDC15A 240V 12VDC 15A
PSF12VDC20A 240V 12VDC 20A
PSF12VDC30A 240V 12VDC 30A
PSF12VDC40A 240V 12VDC 40A
PSF24VDC/3A 240V 24VDC 3A
PSF24VDC5A 240V 24VDC 5A
PSF24VDC10A 240V 24VDC 10A
PSF24VDC15A 240V 24VDC 20A
PSF24VDC20A 240V 24VDC 20A
PSF24VDC30A 240V 24VDC 30A
PSF24VDC40A 240V 24VDC 40A
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