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Weatherproof Transformers
  • Features:
  • IP66 weatherproof rating
  • Hard wired input and output to terminal blocks.
  • Designed and approved to AS/NZ-S3108, Certificate Number.
  • All models have built in auto-resetting thermal protection.


PMAQE Product Code Input Output VA
PMAQE12-050 240VAC 12VAC 50
PMAQE12-100 240VAC 12VAC 100
PMAQE12-150 240VAC 12VAC 150
PMAQE12-200 240VAC 12VAC 200
PMAQE12-300 240VAC 12VAC 300
PMAQE24-100 240VAC 24VAC 100
PMAQE24-200 240VAC 24VAC 200
PMAQE24-300 240VAC 24VAC 300
PMAQE32-150 240VAC 24VAC 150
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