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PJM Sinewave Inverters
  • True sine wave
  • For all applications
  • Boat, Caravan, construction sites
  • Australian made
  • Quality, reliability, performance
  • Thermal share technology
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
LD Range
Model No Voltage output power
cont. 1/2hr rating max surge
LD200-12 12 200W 250W 600W
LD250-24 24 250W 320W 750W
LD600-12 12 600W 800W 1500W
LD700-24 24 700W 900W 2000W
    WM series
  • True sine wave
  • ideal for wall and benchtop mounting
  • Quality reliability and performance
  • Wrapped in a simple package
  • Demand start, low volts adjust
  • AC overload and temp overload
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
WM Range
Model No Voltage output power
cont. 1/2hr rating max surge
WM1400-12 12 1400W 1800W 3600W
WM1700-24 24 1700W 2450W 4500W
    SA series
  • True sine wave
  • Illuminated display, inverter status
  • AC volts AC Amps Batt. Volts
  • Protected against batt. high and low
  • Upgradable
  • Suit all applicationshome, boat, caravan, motorhome, tradesman, industrial applications
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
SE Range
Model No Voltage output power
cont. 1/2hr rating max surge
SA 22
(12 or 24V)
12 1300W 1800W 4000W
24 1600W 2100W 5000W
SA 32 24 2400W 3700W 7000w
SA 42 48 3600w 5500W 10000W
    LS series
  • True sine wave excellent for all applications
  • Easy installation
  • Quality, Reliable performance,
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
LS Series
Specs 400-600W
Specs 600-1000W
Specs 1200-1500W
Specs 2000-2500W
AC Transfer switch
    Sinewave inverter charger
  • True sinewave inverters with inbuilt high efficiency battery charger and AC transfer switch
  • Saves Space
  • Saves Weight
  • Reduces installation costs
  • Automatically transfer the load to the incoming AC power source. Uses the external AC power source to charge the batteries.
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
Sinewave Inverter Charger
XP compact 12/1100, 24/1600, 48/1600
Compact 12/1300, 24/2300, 48/3500
HP Compact 12/2500, 24/4000, 48/5000, 48/7000


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